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The Only 2022 Trend Analysis You Will Ever Need Part 3: Technology and The Internet

Kendall and Ceres are back from their Non-Denominational Holiday Hiatus to bring you THE only trend analysis of 2022, the only one, no one else has done this or done it properly. In part 3, they predict the downfall of YouTube; the future of TikTok's ultimate reign; the implications of January 6th and the Metaverse on data privacy; the future of cancellation as a radical act; and much much more.

Young Trumpies Hit DC by Daniel Lippman and Ben Schreckinger
A Stew Leonard's Animatronic Tour
Youtube Adpocalypse Summary
The Golden Age of YouTube is Over by Julia Alexander
So…TikTok Sucks by Hank Green
Why TikTok Stars Are Criticizing the Creator Fund by Karissa Bell
The Online Creators Association Website
Lonelygirl15: How One Vlogger Changed the Internet by Elena Cresci
What's The Deal with Fictional Influencers? By Rebecca Jennings
On Photography by Susan Sontag
Erased: The Impact of FOSTA/SESTA by Danielle Blunt and Ariel Wolf
Tech Companies Face Pressure Over January 6th Subpeonas by Russell Brandom
Instagram is Currently in its Flop Era by Elena Cavender
The Ever-Mutating Life of Tumblr Dot Com by Allegra Rosenberg
Tumblr Picks Itself Up Again After Years of Struggle by Elaine Moore

The Only 2022 Trend Analysis You Will Ever Need Part 2: Culture & Politics

Kendall and Ceres are back from their Non-Denominational Holiday Hiatus to bring you THE only trend analysis of 2022, the only one, no one else has done this or done it properly. in part 2, they ponder their big soy orbs and tell you what the next latest trends in music, movies, politics, and the dreaded, fearsome discourse.

Night Time, My Time by Sky Ferreira
Gatekeeping Theory
In Defense of Shame by Jack Koloskus
Is This Viral Band Really Who They Say They Are? By Aliya Chaudry
Mortgage Company Fires 900 Employees Via Zoom, Including Diversity Team by Ashe Schow
Black Diversity Specialist Fired by Texas Hospital for Being 'Too Sensitive About Race Issues' by Jaelen Ogadhoh
The Co-Founder of Snopes Wrote Dozens of Plagiarized Articles for The Fact-Checking Site by Dean Sterling Jones
Union Declares Victory as Kellogg's Strike Ends With Pay Raise, Moratorium on Plant Closures by Jake Johnson
More than 8,000 Kroger Grocery Workers Strike in Colorado by Julia Conley
Industrial Workers of The World Website
Center for Media Literacy Website
The Next Battle for Internet Censorship is Here by Emily Stewart
The Rise of K-Pop and The Fetishization of Korean Men by Sameera Khan
Cinema Verite Wikipedia Page
How To with John Wilson: an Intimate Basement Interview by Cosmo Bjorkenheim
The Genius Behind the Weirdest Show on TV by Nitsuh Abebe

The Only 2022 Trend Analysis You Will Ever Need Part 1: Fashion

Kendall and Ceres are back from their Non-Denominational Holiday Hiatus to bring you THE only trend analysis of 2022, the only one, no one else has done this or done it properly. In part 1, they expand on their breadth of fashion history to tell you what's going to be in for the mascs, the femmes, and the depop landlords in 2022.

I'm Choking on These Non-Binary Vibes by Joan Summers
This Target Dress Challenge Sparks Conversation and Sales by Marcia Layton Turner
Great Depression Cooking on YouTube
These Tops are Made Out of Tea Towels And They Sell Out Fast by Christian Allaire
Tiktok Thrift/Upcycle Compilation on YouTube
No Logo by Naomi Klein

Stop the Resurgence of Pro-Ana Propaganda Right Now Or Low Rise Jeans Will Become Popular Again And You Will Have No One But Yourself to Blame

CW: Eating Disorders, Self Harm. Cherry emoji twitter tremble in fear, as Kendall and Ceres are here to ruin the Virgin Suicides for you. This week, our favorite they-devils discuss the history and current resurrection of Pro-Ana communities online. They dive deep into the history of beauty standards, nationalism, and how it ties back into the communities of white women online who kin Lily Rose Depp and think Nihilism is super cool (#cringe). Find out how The Cold War, The Olsen Twins, Walter Benjamin, and BBLs getting cheaper are all related in this week's Big Soy Naturals!

Hope is a Discipline Mariame Kaba Transcript
Hope in the Dark by Rebecca Solnit PDF
The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction by Walter Benjamin PDF
Silicon Snake Oil by Clifford Stoll
Freedom Fries Wiki Page
The End of History by Francis Fukuyama PDF
The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of Word Order by Samuel Huntington PDF
Jutta Rüdiger Wiki Page
Impact of exposure to pro-eating disorder websites on eating behaviour in college women by Scarlett Jett, David J. LaPorte
Gorilla Radio Show

Femcels, Beta Females, Girlbosses, and Queens (Ascended)

Oh my! on this episode, Kendall and Ceres are mean to women, again. They rank several familiar and maybe not-so-familiar faces on a scale ranging from Erica Moen to Azealia Banks. Come one come all as The Judgement is passed down!

Succession X-Coded Y-Girl Derogatory Assignment uquiz
Erika Moen Cuckolding Comic (WARNING: NSFW NSFL)
"His Silly Rabbit"
Leila Khaled Wiki Page FAQ
Azealia Banks' Instagram

We Will Literally Fight Any Military Wife Brave Enough to Challenge Our Righteous Mocking of Reylos

Normalize leaving for an extended hiatus due to Having Mental Health! Kendall and Ceres are back in action for the tenth episode of Big Soy Naturals. In honor of this milestone, they take a plunge into the world of Reylo Shippers. They examine the brief history of fanfiction; ponder on it's use as a practice; and how Reylo Shippers abuse this practice to deeply annoy the lives of people who would dare say Adam Driver's juicy nips aren't the pinnacle of feminist praxis. Also, they take a brief look into their own dark past battling the Reylo community.

From Star Trek to Superwholock: A Brief History of Fanfiction by Sean Aitchison
Spockanalia -- The First Star Trek Fanzine by Maria Jose and John Tenuto
Spocknalia Zine PDF
How Fifty Shades Is Dominating the Literary Scene by Shana Ting Lipton
The Archive of Our Own just won a Hugo. That's huge for fanfiction. by Aja Romano
Fans Are Better Than Tech at Organizing Information Online by Gretchen McCulloch
When Systemic Hatred of Women Online Goes Unnoticed, What Does it Say About Us? by Katie McCourt
It's a Trap: Reylos, Racism, and the Whiteness of Data in the Harassment of Women Online by Rebecca Harrison
Reylo fans attempt to get black writer fired from Teen Vogue from ONTD
Quick Coverage: John Boyega Ends 2019 With a Bang (And a Hearty 'Fuck You' To Rey/Kylo Shippers) by Stitch
Consider the Snapewife by Ashley Reese
Kendall's Tweet Lol

Confess Your Sins and Ask Your Questions to Ceres and Kendall to Receive the Sacrament of Holy Reconciliation

Hello prayer warriors! This week, after a delay due to us having mental health, Ceres and Kendall take a break from deep diving into internet history to answer your relationship questions. The they/them Simone Viel and Diogenes of the internet give you the steamiest advice on how to talk to your crush, how to intimidate your coworkers, and how to destroy your enemies. We also have a bonus update on the drama going on with Neopets NFTs. You don't want to miss it. As a treat and as penance for our missed week we will be uploading the patreon episode to the main feed. So enjoy a two-for-one special this week pigs!

Intercourse by Andrea Dworkin

In Addition to Being a Hack and Misogynist (derogatory), Joss Whedon is a Scab. Dr Horrible Was Anti-Worker and Not Good Either

This appeared as a moral dilemma.... This week, Kendall, Ceres, and guest Ashlyn Thomas get into the forgotten history of Dr. Horrible, the phenomenon web series that brought web content into the all-seeing eyes of LA Producers; and how it violated the Writer's Strike of 2007-2008. Join us as we pick at the scab on Hollywood's Knee: Joss Whedon.

the entirety of Dr. Horrible
Writer's Guild full list of demands
“Suspension Is Not Firing”: Fox Stops Paying Showrunners & Hyphenates by Nikki Finke
Global Nonviolent Action Database's record of the strike
Writers' strike boosts YouTube traffic by Mark Sweeney
AMPTP's PR Firm Justifies Its Existence But Masters Of Disaster Make Own Mess by Nikki Finke
The Picket Line Is The Place to Meet A Writer in L.A. by Sarah McBride
Joss Whedon's Blog Post on the Writer's Strike
Joss' Post about founding the Fans4Writers Website
Fans4Writers archive
Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog was the best thing to come out of the writers' strike
On top of everything else, Quibi exploits a union loophole to underpay workers
IATSE Members in TV and Film Production Vote to Authorize a Nationwide Strike
Ending song: "Links on the Chain" by Phil Ochs

Capitalism Killed Neopets and Communism Can Bring It Back

Neopians, grab your chia flour! in this episode, Kendall and Ceres explore the desecrated remains of one of the kings of the Small Net, Neopets. They explain how one of the world's first social media sites and online MMOs was hastily changed from a communist uptopia to a coporate hellscape and, eventually, fell through the hourglass only to be forgotten. Join them as they figure out how to redistribute fairie paintbrushes to the proletariat.

History of the Web Timeline
Donna's Reddit AMA
An Analysis of the Neopian Economy by mookie99
How Neopets Predicted the Future of the Social Internet by Claire McNear
How a Small Group of Devotees are Saving Neopets From Extinction by Lauren Young
Looking Back at the Cursed and Controversial Legacy of Neopets by Manning Patston
Inside the Cult of Neopets, Kotaku Archive

Challenging Hank Green to a Pissing Contest Outside the Anaheim Convention Center and Asking John How It Tastes (Part 2)

In part two of our deep dive into John and Hank Green, we take a look at the proto-Me Too Movement that happened on Tumblr and Youtube; its involvement with both the Brothers Green and DFTBA records; and how people, systemically, forget to be awesome.

Archive of Youtube Abuse Masterpost
YouTube's First Big Scandal Was Cancel Culture Done Right — What Happened? by Kathryn Lindsay
Sex, lies and YouTube: The predatory side of internet fame by Saba Hamedy
Mike Lombardo Goes to Jail
Hank and John's Response to Mike's sentencing
Hank's Response to Tom Milsom's allegations
a blog just dedicated to Alex Day allegations
Fault In Our Stars Author John Green Responds to Tumblr Posts Implying He Sexually Abuses Girls by Alyssa Toomey
John Green, YA Authors, and Rape Culture by Camryn Garrett
Uplift's Official Website
Here's How Your YouTube Faves Are Fighting Sexual Abuse Online And IRL by Katherine Speller
This organization wants to stop YouTube's sex abuse problem by Rae Vatta

Challenging Hank Green to a Pissing Contest Outside the Anaheim Convention Center and Asking John How It Tastes (Part 1)

This week, Kendall and Virgil dug deep and remembered that they forgot to be awesome. They explored the media empire of Hank and John Green, the Cain and Abel of Youtube. They dug into the nerdfighter census and scrutinized their (many) business ventures. They analyzed the Brothers Green and asked the question: what exactly, is the ideology behind the infamous phrase DFTBA?

Nerdfighteria Wiki Page
Project for Awesome Wiki Page
Crash Course Capitalism Video and Transcript
Hey! Let's Re-Define Capitalism Part 1, by Hank Green
Hey Let's Re-Define Capitalism, Part 2, by Hank Green
2019 Nerdfighter Census
The 2019 Census Survey itself
Foundation to Decrease World Suck Website

Tiffany Trump Could Have An Illustrious Hyperpop Career If Only Political Correctness Was Not An Issue Also Ceres Went to the Grimes Exhibit Also 9/11 Happened 20 Years Ago

This week, Kendall and Virgil decided to switch around the patreon bonus episode and the main episode. Why? Who knows! We have ADHD and are extremely valid. We listen to Tiffany Trump's song from her shortlived pop career; play F*ck, Fight and Validate with Tiffany and Ella Emhoff; and Ceres talks about seeing Grimes' Climate Change exhibit IRL. Also, 9/11 happened and we might be the only ones who didn't forget

Like A Bird by Tiffany Trump
The Cut, Meet the Self-Proclaimed 'Kris Jenner' of the Clique That Brings Together a Kennedy, a Matisse, and a Trump, by Alexis Swerdloff
The Hollywood Reporter, Tiffany Trump's Fashion Designer Friend Defends Her Against Online Bullying
Archived Something Awful 9/11 forum