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Dearest Paypigs and Prayer Warriors,

If there's one thing you take from Big Soy Naturals, it's that we love citations. As I have said many times, citations are how you democratize information, make your knowledge common and of course pay tribute to where you owe your expertise. We are really proud of what we were able to share in our episodes Folx Need Porsches, Hoes Need Abortions and we want the resources we shared there to be accessible beyond just our episode description. This page will be updated whenever we have new sources to share - you can also send us an EMAIL @ bigsoypodcast@gmail.com if you have your own you would like us to list here, but just know that we are going to be cautious about crowdfunds and donation links and vetting them before we post them here. We also have a crowdfunds highlight on our INSTAGRAM and if you have any graphics (does not need to be abortion related, any personal crowdfunds or mutual aid requests) you want us to share there, just DM the BSN instagram account.

Okay love you!

♡ Ceres

and also Kendall duh.


Abortion Language Guide: Learn how to talk about abortion in a way that makes sure that everyone who needs access to abortion is included. It's easy to slip into bioessentialist and racist language without meaning to because our world is dumb and we exist in the world. Learning how to not do that anymore is really key for getting people the help they need and for building political power because someone's not going to feel welcome to either if you're talking about their body in a stupid way. Also, this is a guide and not the 10 commandments - learn from it and then think for yourself. Don't be a dork and treat any guide as an infallible checklist. Use it as a framework to challenge yourself and approach situations you're in. This is in English only for now but a Spanish language version will be coming soon. Check the doc for updates!

Digital Security Guide: Your phone is a cop! Your computer is also a cop! Computers are confusing also. Protecting your privacy is essential and necessary for keeping yourself and others safe when taking on potentially risky activity. This cybersecurity guide is a really helpful place to start.

It's A Class Struggle Godamnit: My favorite favorite Fred Hampton speech. Virgo mercury king! It's so crazy to me that he was 21 when he gave this speech, he was a role model to me forever and someone I looked up to immensely when I was younger - when 21 seemed like a long ways off - but I appreciate as I get older what a fucking genius he was to be this precise and insightful at 21. This speech is important because it covers a lot of topics leftists who don't read still argue over today, and learning from past movements is exactly how we replicate past successes and stop ourselves from repeating history the wrong way over and over. Go look at where Fred Hampton says political power comes from.

Right Wing Women: This is the whole damn book to Right Wing Women by our patron saint Andrea Dworkin in PDF form. The whole book is worth reading of course, but Chapter 3 specifically is about the feminist struggle for abortion rights and provides a lot of needed context for how that struggle fit into the New Left movement and free love movement of the 1960s.

What Are Comstock Laws?: Yea we are linking to fucking Teen Vogue, what about it? This is a really solid primer on the history of the Comstock Laws which were pioneers in the American Christian right struggle to use the legal system to enforce a really narrow set of Christian values.

A Defense of Abortion: For all you theory heads out there. This was published in 1971 and continues to be an influential and controversial essay defending the right to abortion, using an argument that grants that a fetus has a right to life.


Great Plains Action Society: Indigenous organizers in the Great Plains with a number of campaigns dedicated to resisting colonial institions. Lots of educational resources + free resources for people of color + organizing opportunities.

Abortion Access Front: Travels the US providing aid + comfort to independent clinics in states that are hostile to abortion. This links to their "virtual activist training" where you can sign up to attend and learn practical things you can do to protect abortion access, like volunteering to escort patients or connecting people to local abortion funds. Also a great place to donate to - they work with clinics directly on needed items and has wishlists on the website for these clinics that you can purchase directly from.

Big Door Brigade Mutual Aid Toolkits: Ever since 2020, certain individuals and nonprofits and DEMOCRATS can't keep the term mutual aid out of their mouth. But mutual aid is not a charity, it's not something that pays an executive director's salary and it definitely is not voting blue no matter who. You can learn what mutual aid is here and then you can feel equipped to actually start your own by going through the guides based on focus (like childcare or cop watches) and taking what is useful.

Fake Pregnancy Clinics Map: Non-comprehensive map of fake pregnancy/crisis clinics. What you do with this information is up to you, this website also provides some helpful ideas to get started.

Another Fake Clinics Map: The world is truly your oyster!

Plan C Pills: AKA abortion pills that allow someone to end an early pregnancy safely. Works best within the first 11 weeks of pregnancy, and the website has an FAQ for how plan C pills work and who they are best for. This site directs you to where you can order these pills depending on what state you live you. You do not need any medical tests to order abortion pills and you are allowed to buy them now to use later. Do with that information what you will!

Frieda's twitter and instagram: Frieda was an invaluable font of knowledge on the episode Folx Need 2 Porsches, Hoes Need 2 Abortions. (link to listen on Apple Podcasts if you haven't already heard it, it's available on Spotify also.) You should follow them if you're a social media person, and that is less of an invitation and more like a command. Frieda is cool as fuck for one and for two, posts pretty regularly about trainings and actions and abortion funds that aren't managed by big useless nonprofits.


National Network of Abortion Funds: You can use this directory to find an abortion fund local to you or donate to an abortion fund in an area impacted by abortion restrictions.

Iowa Abortion Access Fund: Support access to abortion. IAAF provides grants to people seeking abortions that need money for it and promotes community awareness of reproductive rights and abortions. This is the organization that BSN guest Frieda is on the board of and the website also has additional resources for self-managed abortion, hotlines, and legal help.

Iowa Jane Collective: Provides free/sliding scale abortion doula trainings, contraceptives, pregnancy tests, abortion pills and abortion care packages to Iowa residents.

Utah Abortion Fund: Right now [as of July 5 2022 but we will update if things change] Utah bans abortions past 18 weeks of pregnancy. Under Utah law, abortion became illegal on June 22 2022 after Roe vs Wade was overturned, but that restriction is currently on hold for now. It's critical that abortion organizers in Utah get support to keep doing their work. This link directs you to a page with options to donate to an abortion fund, a wishlist with supplies you can buy to directly assist organizers doing practical support and community outreach, the official website where people seeking an abortion can get funding, Salt Lake City businesses that support reproductive rights and a newsletter we recommend signing up for so that you know what's going on as these changes to abortion access are happening daily. Everything here is legit and you can trust that your money and support is actually going to people that need it since it is vouched for by one of our dear friends from one of our favorite podcasts....you guessed it....Gorilla Radio Show.

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