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It is I, Kendall, Chief Officer of Cringe, the human embodiment of a USB Rat King, and the other half of Big Soy Naturals. I am a virgo sun and moon with a cancer rising, my favorite colors are slime/booger green and lilac purple I love vhs tapes, bell bottom pants and leaving towels on the floor I like Carmen Maria Machado, Donna Harraway, Olia Lialina, King of the Hill and Rollercoaster Tycoon I am dumb whore with terrible taste, but also I'm a huge snob If I ever stop talking about campy b grade horror movies consider me dead, I have passed on. My taste is wide and varried and that includes country music. I like a lot of punk rock, hyperpop, and indie. Right now I'm listening to Machine Girl, Inigo De Souza, Kate NV, and Sleigh Bells' new album Texis I adore videogames yes I am a gamer. I love Hypnospace Outlaw, Cruelty Squad, Eastward, Resident Evil, DISCO ELYSIUM (#1 fave), Cloud Gardens, Stardew Valley, and Power Washing Simulator.
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my beginnings with the internet are kinda hazy. I believe from the age of four I was playing CD-ROM games (mostly LEGO related) and I graduated to puzzle games like Carmen Sandiego and the Nancy Drew series as I got older. Whenever I would get stuck I would look up tutorials online and eventually I started trolling forums, finding pages on geocities, playing flash dress up games, finding lewd art on deviantart and newgrounds, and generally being a little menace wherever I could. Unlike Ceres, I didn't gain fame on the internet until recently with (ugh) TikTok at over 25k followers. I did however, catfish a number of girls and boys on Club Penguin, Habbo Hotel, GaiaOnline, and participated in numerous Neopets schemes (i definitely took part in creating artificial inflation in the in-world stock market). My mom refused to let me get a Myspace because she was worried I would get exploited on there and manipulated by adults. Little did she know elsewhere on the internet, I was inviting 5 penguins back to my igloo to break up with all of them at once and then physically left to go microwave some pizza rolls while they all fought over me. When I got on tumblr, I became a big fandom blogger. Mainly for Doctor Who and X Files. I, by consequence, also became a Superwholock, minus the "super" part (supernatural just seemed like one very long car commercial to me). I also started writing "funny" fan fic and eventually got my 2k follower fanfiction dot net account take down because I was writing SVU fan fic where Stabler and Benson would recite pages from the Bionicle wiki while fucking. SVU fans didnt like that much. I also got super into "hipster" fashion which then evolved into my current love for vintage 70's jumpsuits. Tumblr fandom culture seemed mostly innocent from the outset,and for the most part, fanaticism for sci-fi really is. but it created a pathway for me to become unhealthily attached to the media I consumed. With the infamous Dashcon Incident, coinciding with me entering the early stages of college, I began to grow out of fanaticism and began exploring the world of media literacy and critical theory, and also communism (s/o tumblr user paxamericana for giving me several very helpful pdfs via dm one time years ago. you probably don't remember me, but you started this journey!) Being Chronically Online,I learned the importance of following knowledge, getting the real answers and media literacy. I also blossomed socially and politically as I made a ton of friends that I still have to this day. And as someone who grew up socially inept and very lonely, it was absolutely essential to me becoming the hot sexy communist I am. In fact, my IRL spouse often says "you have this unnerving knack for making friends and fostering friendships online, it's so easy for you it's almost scary." That scary ability, btw, is how Ceres and I met! I think there were a lot of problems with the early net: homophobia, racism and transphobia were rampant, post-9/11 caused a surge of flash torture games to pop up, it allowed me and countless others my age and older to become numb to disturbing and shocking imagery. But I also feel there was more of a sense of community through real human effort (such as coding a website, chatting on forums, creating webrings, all the things neocities is trying to bring back). There was greater effort to be creative not just in what you post, but in what you do. Direct (Cyber) Action! Because of my love for the old net, I'm a huge advocate for digital archiving and internet history. I believe studying Internet History is a multi-disciplinary work that a lot of "mainstream" writers and creators in the space aren't doing that work justice. And I hope we can do that on Big Soy Naturals (while of course, being hilarious and hot)!